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Task Comments Do it Hours Cost
Virus / Pop-ups removal

Symptoms: Window pops when surf the Internet, warning from your Anti Virus software, Damage to data on your hard drive, computer does not boot at all.

This type of problems are beyond estimate. In most cases, we talk about an hour. However, it might take way more. Will try to give you estimation when we will see the computer.


This should resolve slow boot, slow reaction, lousy computer, programs are slow to start and work. Most computers needed to get updates from Microsoft.

Getting a computer to a point that it is fully updated is a long process in most cases.

Computer crashes

This takes from an hour and up. There are many reasons for this - start in resent hardware installation all the way to defective hard drive. Within an hour you can tell what it is, and in many cases you can resolve. However, there are cases that it takes longer. You'll be inform before we start what do we think your case is.

Wireless networking and DSL connecting

Usually takes 2 hours for up to 3 computers. Depend on many conditions. May be less.

Installing Network printer and storage

2 Hours at least. You need to make network installation that takes longer, then connect each individual computer to the new device.

Create backup.

Backup is serious issue. Particularly if you need to restore something and do not have backup... It takes about 2 Hours to set proper backup on external hard drive, and VERY recommended.

Hard disk recover / replace

4 Hours. Doing such job require you to "ghost" or create exact copy of the existing disk on the new one. This takes time, depend on the size of the disk. Then you need to install and verify that everything works OK. In many case you need to reactivate programs and install updates.

Inspect network and wireless network

1 Hour. This includes setting up a secure wireless network and proper connection that will make it harder for hackers to invade your system.

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