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Your computer gives your trouble? It dose not behave?
No need to unplug your computer and carry it around.
Simply call us. We will come to you and fix your computer.


There are a few thing that you can do to attempt to fix your computer before you call us:

The next best thing to do (If you can't find remedy on our Computer's First Aid page) is to turn off your computer, and give us a call. Why?

Keep your computer running put the information stored on it at risk.

Your documents, priceless pictures, business information, all your installed and properly running software and what not... Information that is very often priceless, and has no proper backup...


  Leave your computer overnight with strangers is not necessary.

  Get your computer fixed ASAP, at your home, while you are looking!


We are performing the wide array of services:

We can resolve computer problems such as:

  • Computer Repair - Software.
  •         Computer Repair - Hardware.
  •                 Installations - Software and Hardware.
  •                         Installations - Home and Office Networks.

We can resolve computer problems such as:

  • Computer will not boot.
  •     Lazy computer response.
  •         Slow boot (takes long time to start)
  •             Pop-ups.
  •                 Crashes.
  •                     Viruses attacks.
  •                            Program does not functioning.

In addition, we are very good at setting up home or office networks:

  • We can setup network for you from the ground and up.
  • We can inspect your network's existing setting. Special attention is devoted to wireless networks: We insure that the network is secured and making it hard for uninvited visitors to get into your computers.

We can verify that your backup works properly:

  • We can setup a proper backup method for you so if the worst comes and your computer dies, you'll still have a way to recover your data.
  • We can verify that your backup actually works, by restoring few files and see if it can be opened.

We also providing heavy duties Services:

  • Setting up networks from ground up.

  •     Setting up servers, active directory and domains.

  •         Hardware repair.

  •             Software installation and consulting.

We can also show you and help you setup an "On-Line" office:

  • Set you up with an online office - That allows you to work on line on your application. You'd ask what good about it. The answer is that anywhere you can access a computer with browser, you'll have access to your files and information.

After we visit, In most cases:

  • Computer speed will noticeably be improved.
  •     More disk space will be freed.
  •         You'll be happy again!


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Will make your computer behave!

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